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Annual Operations Inspections

Regular inspections of playgrounds are crucial for anyone who is responsible for them, whether you are a school, workplace, local council, or holiday park. By conducting annual inspections, you can assess the current condition of your playground and identify any future requirements. Our inspections cover various aspects such as wear and tear, fall zones, structural condition, playground surfacing, edging, and the surrounding areas. 

Our comprehensive playground inspection reports will give you a simple and effective breakdown of any areas of concern we have found, including the recommendation to repair or replace. 

A digital copy of your playground report will be sent to you within 2-7 days of the inspection being carried out and our lines of communication are always open should you have any questions. 



1 x Visit per year.

A Full operational inspection is undertaken and an easy to understand digital report is emailed within 7 days.  

6 Monthly

2x Visits per year.

On your first visit, a full detailed report will be provided of our findings. 

 6 months on, any additional areas of concern will be added to the report from our first visit. 

3 Monthly

4 x Visits a year.

On your first visit a full detailed report is provided, our subsequent visits will be a normal inspection, any new areas of concern found will be added to the original inspection report from our first visit. 





We have some exciting news for you! Our services are fully customisable to meet your playground needs. We can work with a frequency that suits you and even take care of repair works.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help. 

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